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Privacy Policy


Your Privacy – Our Concern

Live Event Services takes your privacy very seriously, and will always do our best to ensure it’s integrity.

Live Event Services will only collect information that is absolutely necessary for the provision of the service requested by its clients. It will only collect this information in an appropriate and lawful manner.

Information collected by Live Event Services will be used for the primary purpose of providing Live Event Services requested by its clients and the secondary purpose of marketing. You have the right to access any information stored by Live Event Services in relation to you.

Information collected by Live Event Services may be disclosed in the following circumstances:

  • To the IT support company engaged by Live Event Services when IT maintenance or support is necessary

  • To staff of Live Event Services for business related purposes

  • To the Debt Collector company engaged by Live Event Services for debt collection purposes

  • To third parties required to provide the Live Event Services to the client

  • To a Solicitor engaged by Live Event Services for the purposes of obtaining legal advice

  • Parties who may have access to information stored at Live Event Services including all staff, IT, Debt Collectors and Suppliers, have signed a confidentiality agreement and are legally bound to maintain the security and confidentiality of all information that may be accessed.

Access is only provided to third parties where it is essential either for business related purposes of Live Event Services or in order to provide you with any Live Event Services.


The Privacy Policy of all third parties engaged or associated with Live Event Services have been viewed and accepted by Live Event Services standards.


Information will not be collected, used or disclosed in a manner other than that mentioned above, without client consent, unless required by law.


Should you have any further queries regarding the collection, use or disclosure of your information, please feel free to ask a Live Event Services consultant. We will be only too glad to assist.


Head to our CONTACT page to get in touch.

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